Profile: Bands and Booze-the making of Swamp Stomp (Distraction Magazine)

Swamp Stomp is a local music festival in Miami. In advance of 2013’s iteration, I wrote the below preview of the event structured as a profile of the event’s organizers.  It gets into how they put it together from scratch, and details their vision for a different kind of music event in Miami. The founders are University of Miami alumni, so this piece ran in UM’s Distraction Magazine.

It turns out that describing Swamp Stomp is simple.

Good times and good music.

That’s what Swamp Stomp co-founder Ryan Gregg emphasized when we chatted about his festival, which is returning this year after a brief hiatus.  While one may have a more detailed yet verbose explanation for why they think an event is appealing, the UM alumnus keeps it simple.  People come for a great party.

“Any great event you’re gonna go to is just a  great party,” Gregg said. “A really great party with awesome bands and good booze. That’s what any event should be.”

So that’s exactly what Gregg did.  Along with fellow UM classmates Parker Smith and Ross Carlson, the Frost School of Music students sought to throw a party in 2006.  And so the first Swamp Stomp was held in a backyard.  For the next three years, as word about the festival spread, the festival moved on to established venues including Jimbo’s and Bayside Hut.

However, it’s important to not let the fun overshadow what may be the true point of Swamp Stomp.  It’s a tribute to good and (primarily) local and regional music.  To understand that, it helps to look deeply at what makes the festival unique.


Read the rest of the profile/preview on Distraction Magazine’s website here:


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