Now that we know…

On the WVUM News blog (, is a really interesting post by Meg of WVUM’s “Counterpoint” where she addresses last week’s revelations about the NSA’s secret surveillance programs not just with a summation of the details, but also with a “what’s next?”

This excerpt from her post really struck me as an interesting posing of the question: “What happens now that we know?”:

“My question for the American people that are upset over the PRISM program is this: If you feel this is a violation of your rights, what do you plan on doing to fix it?

Will you go out and protest like our Turkish cousins in Istanbul? Where something as simple as the demolition of a park, ignited a larger-movement against a government encroaching on their citizens’ democratic rights. Are you ready to get hit with tear gas and water cannons? Or will you just gripe about it over Facebook and over the coffee table?”

Read the whole thing here, including a show podcast, via WVUM News: [click]


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