Article-The Miami Hurricane- UM & An Inner City High School

Below is an excerpt of an article that was published in The Miami Hurricane newspaper.  I profiled two UM students teaching high school classes as part of a partnership between UM and Booker T. Washington High School in Miami’s Overtown:


Andrew DeMuro’s history students at Booker T. Washington Senior High School didn’t understand how learning about Napoleon Bonaparte, the 18th-century Frenchman, could be useful to them.

DeMuro, currently a senior in the University of Miami’s School of Education, taught his class that lessons about the historical French leader are still important because “that short kid in class you pick on in school, could one day grow up to be your boss.”

“If you can’t get them into what you’re saying, then you’re screwed for the rest of the day,” DeMuro said. “You have to think like them to understand them.”

That is just part of DeMuro’s job as a student-teacher at Booker T. Washington, which is located in Overtown, a poor area in Miami’s inner city.

Read the rest of this article, along with other articles of mine published in The Miami Hurricane here:



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