Lists: Top Miami Rock (From Distraction Magazine)

Here’s a bit from one of my first posts for Distraction Magazine.  Taking a note from Buzzfeed, I decided to kick things off with a “listicle” featuring some of my favorite artists from the local rock scene.  For many of the bands featured, I’ve either been a fan of their music, interviewed them on my local music show or both.

Here’s an excerpt from that post, available in it’s entirety here:

Deaf Poets

The Deaf Poets EPK 2012 from Electroscope on Vimeo.

I start with my favorite rock band in Miami. I always make sure to play these guys to kick off my local music show on WVUM. Singer-guitarist Sean Wouters and drummer Nicolas Espinosa are the duo that make up the band. One might want to immediately compare them to another popular rock duo The Black Keys, but don’t take the easy route. These guys are in a league of their own, bringing some quality jams to us lucky Miamians.


On the top of my bucket list is going to see Radioboxer live. I know, whenever I tell other local music fans that I haven’t yet seen Radioboxer live, I’m always called out for slacking. I think the general consensus in Miami is that Radioboxer is one of the best live acts in town, and the proof is them having been awarded as one of the best bands in Miami by the Miami New Times in the past. Big or small venue, they always pack the places they play and put on every show with rock star enthusiasm. See for yourself above!

Palette Town

I’ve been a fan of this local outfit for quite some time and finally got the chance to invite them over to WVUM for a live session and interview. It was a fun jam session as they previewed songs from their newest EP Life, Love and Laser Guns, which they finished recording literally an hour or so before coming on. Respect!

There’s a lot more in this post! It’s available in it’s entirety via Distraction here:


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